About Us

Reaching Out To All
U Sports is a key engagement platform to reach out to the union community through Sports. We aim to increase outreach and create opportunities for union members to enhance interaction and forge a strong community built on strong ties of friendship and a common passion for sports.

For The Love Of The Game
For sports enthusiasts and newcomers alike, U Sports is a great way for unions to strengthen existing ties, and nurture new friendships in sports-related events such as U Games, targeted programmes for Interest Groups and mass community events. Crossing all boundaries and welcoming to all, U Sports is ideal for sports newbies exploring a healthy lifestyle to seasoned veterans in sports.

What We Do
As the leading community-building sports platform, U Sports front all sports-related events and seek to build and grow the U Sports Community through the development of comprehensive and exciting programs to encourage sustained participation among members.

U Games & Inter Union Tournaments
Organized by U Sports, U Games is the iconic multi-sports competition in the Labour Movement calendar. The main goals of these games are to promote sportsmanship among the affiliate unions and foster camaraderie among the members. Held annually from August to May, there is an exciting range of sports in the games lined up in the U Games calendar. Greater incentives such as more participation points and attractive prizes help to encourage a wider participation pool from the unions and corporate companies. 

In the spirit of all-inclusiveness, U Games also have iconic events earmarked to encourage the public to take part and engage in sports for all. There are now social and corporate categories to allow interested participants to join in for an all sports day of fun with their colleagues. 

With the current pandemic situation, inter union tournaments are introduced in replacement of U Games. These tournaments will be hosted on a smaller scale and adhering to the safety management measurements. The type of events will be adapted from the existing 10 U Games events.