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17 things Only Runners Will Understand
Posted date: 11-Dec-2017

17 things Only Runners Will Understand

There’s a lot that non-runners don’t get. If you can relate to this list, you’re a true runner.


 1. You’re exhausted after a long day at work but is #happy so long as you get your post-work run


 2. You’ll probably spend more time looking at the weather forecast than watching your favourite TV shows, especially on days leading up to a major race. #rainraingoaway


 3. You’re likely a Spotify premium account user and often  painstakingly spend a humongous amount of time to jazz up your running playlists. #weneedthetunes



4. No one will understand the agony of a dead battery better than you – when you can’t listen to the latest songs you’ve just added to your spotify running playlist while aiming for a long run. #omg #whydidithappen



5. You have a massive amount of laundry to do, and most of them are dri-fit tees, running shorts and compression socks. #neverendinglaundrywoes



6. You eat whatever you want, in moderation. Cos’ you know you’ll need those calories to fuel yourself for the  run. #legitreason to #justeatitall


7. There are just times when you want to eat the entire contents of your fridge after a long run. Don’t hold back. You just #rungry

8. To be honest, there’s nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold electrolyte refill after a hot run. #justslurpitdown


9. You delibrately time your holiday with an overseas marathon and researched on every possible running route before hopping on that airplane. #runningvacay anyone?


10. You’ll blissfully spend your monthly pay cheque on race entry fees, running gear and gadgets without feeling the immediate burn in your pocket. #whysavewhenicanrun?


11. You’re always seeking cool new shoes and probably own more running shoes than regular shoes in your cabinet. ‘Cos #happinesisbrandnewrunningshoes


12. You run faster and longer when you know you being watched. Admit it, you just want to #showoffthatendurance


13. You tell yourself you’ll get up at 5am for an early morning run, but it usually doesn’t happen. #turnoffthatsnoozeNOW



14. You’ll have a #burningdetermination and an unyielding pursuit of a whole number. If it means running another round to get there, so be it. 9.67km is not 10km.


15. After a good run, you’re usually knocked out at night and sleep better with #sweetdreams than if you hadn’t had that run.


16. You have a better stamina and may often wonder why others are struggling to keep up with you. So be nice and #pace them on.


17. The waiting game. Anxiety of waiting in a long pre-race or race toilet line is unmatched. Exactly how long more are they gonna take inside? #whataretheydoinginthere?



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