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3 effects of sleep deprivation on your fitness regimen
Posted date: 18-Jun-2020

To wrestle the start of a new day, we each need about 7-9 hours of sleep. But the truth is, at most, we get about 6 hours or less. What happens when you try to work out with a lack of proper rest? Let’s find out!

The whole point of working out is being able to get the most out of it and of course keeping your health on track. But obviously, sleep deprivation affects this greatly and can lower your gains from a workout.

According to Harvard Health, those aged 18-64 should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep. Nearly 50% of us sleep less than the recommended hours resulting in worrying health conditions like obesity and heart disease.

For your exercises to work, you must have quality sleep! Now we dive into what happens when you don’t!



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With lesser sleep, your athletic performance becomes worse. Why? Without realising, you’re actually doing less and less of your workouts. During the exercise, you’ll find yourself giving up easily in between workouts and feeling more exhausted on a whole.

Your body relies on energy which is stored in your muscles. When you work out with little or no sleep, your muscles are already fatigued even before your energy runs out.



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When you sleep, your body takes that opportunity to replenish and grow- yes, that includes your muscles! I mean some time has to be used to convert all that protein that you eat right?

If you don’t have a good sleeping schedule or if your quality of sleep is compromised, you don’t get the maximum replenishment of muscle glycogen (basically, your muscles don’t grow and replenish properly). It’s easy to sleep for 8 hours but make sure that your quality of sleep is good too!


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When you don’t get your full 7-9 hours of rest, exercising the next day will seem like a really really difficult task. Your motivation to exercise will vanish and you’re just left feeling super tired and exhausted.

After a terrible night’s sleep, participants in a study did not complete their exercise routine and the less sleep they got, the less exercising they did. But, after getting a good night’s rest, they performed much better.

We hope this encourages all of you to have a healthy sleeping schedule so that you can get the most out of your workout! Having enough sleep also ensures that you have the energy to complete the day’s tasks!