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4 workout videos using regular household items
Posted date: 19-Jun-2020


As we ease into phase 2 and slowly start our normal routines, it’s imperative that we don’t rush into things. In that same way, getting back to your exercise routine at the gym can be a big step for many especially since all gyms have been closed.

So, we’ve helped you out a little by collating 4 workout videos you can try using just regular household item

#1. Pamela Reif’s water bottle workout

Just grab some water bottles and fill them up! They serve as weights to get toned arms.

#2. Blogilates’ couch workout

We promise you won’t feel like a couch potato after doing this workout!

#3. Zuzka Light’s fun home workout!

This workout will not only get you pumping but also show you just how many items you can use!

#4. 30 Exercises You Can Do At Home With Household Items

With 30 exercises, you can be sure you’ll sweat buckets and come out stronger by the end of the week!