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7 Traits You’ll Learn in Dragon Boating
Posted date: 23-Feb-2018

#1 Synchronicity

Synchronicity is likely the first and the most important value you’ll learn from dragon-boating. It’s not about how strong you are as an individual. Always paddle in sync with the stroke and with your fellow paddlers. #TrustUs, it will give your team a good edge against others.


#2 Humble

You may jump with joy or tear with frustration. Whether you win or lose in the heats/race, what matters most is #humility. Take in these emotions and move on for the next race lined up.


#3 Concentration

Long hours of training and paddling are extremely exhausting – physically and mentally. But you would have learned to remain focused in the boat, breathe properly, and keep up with the pacers. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


#4 Trust & Respect

The unconditional trust and respect for your team mates and your Captain’s leadership is reflective of your commitment to the team. Their word of encouragement is what motivates you to always #outdoyourbest.


#5 Bravery

It is absolutely normal to feel a little jittery before the race starts. That feeling will mold you into a #braver person. More often than not, it gets better after your first heat.


#6 Discipline & Commitment

You’ll need regular trainings to get in sync so weekends are mostly spent in the water. Though you’d love to disable that snooze and spend another hour in bed, #factis you need to show up on time for practice. This is an exemplary showcase of #discipline at work.


#7 Sportsmanship

After each heat (and you’re still panting), you find yourself smiling and cheering on other teams in the embarkation area. That’s a reflection of #TrueSportsmanship!


Lastly, for the aspiring paddlers, we can’t stress enough that it is not about the effort of an individual but the collective synergy of the team that drives the performance of the team. No other sport could make you sit together in a boat 2 hours with a buddy next you, putting in every effort going through the tough training where the #camaraderie gets built by the sheer determination trying to reach a target distance.



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