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8 Cycling Tips for Beginners
Posted date: 15-Jan-2018

Know before You Get Ready to Roll

1. Safety is of utmost priority – so wear a helmet. It’s easy to find one that’s comfy, light and affordable these days.

2. Adjusting your bike to fit – Get the best out of your bike for increased efficiency and performance. With the correct handle bar and saddle height, it’ll also help to prevent back pain and injuries – as the saying goes, #PreventionisBetterthanCure

3. Learn how to use a repair kit and fix a bike chain/puncture – Always check your tyre pressure before the ride and carry a bike pump or patch kit to make sure that tyre fixes can be done in emergencies. #YouNeverKnowWhatCanHappen

4. Invest in padded shorts to safeguard your precious backside from the unnecessary hurt on long rides. You can also choose to gear up with added protection such as a pair of gloves or knee pads! #PaddedShortsFTW

5. Put on a pair of sports glasses to keep your eyes protected from pebbles along the road, bright sunlight and rainy weather. Good thing is it also helps you to look 100% cooler while riding!

6. Fuel up diligently – Bring along a water bottle or a hydration backpack but rule of thumb is to always stay hydrated and drink up before you feel thirsty! #welovewaterparades

7. Learn basic traffic riding skills and hand signals. It’s almost impossible to stay out of the traffic while being on the road. While it can be potentially confusing, it is vital to use signals and calls to warn the group you’re cycling with of the potential oncoming hazards, especially if you’re the lead rider on the front. So, be responsible and keep you, fellow cyclists as well as other road users safe. Remember to always signal your intentions before executing it.

8. Ride in a pack: Spend time riding with other people to get used to being in close proximity with others. Riding safely in the group is a skill that needs to be practiced. It teaches you how to corner safely, handle your bike and be safe when others are just mere inches from you. Not to mention, there’ll always be someone to #motivate and spur you on to ride further and faster.

Lastly, be realistic and know your limits, start slow especially if you’re a beginner rider!


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