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A Floorballer’s Dream
Posted date: 27-Jan-2017

Picking up and falling in love with the sport of Floorball when she was in secondary school, Floorball U CHAMP Felicia Lim’s passion for the sport fueled her to realize her dreams. Through her drive and determination, Felicia trained hard and was rewarded a call-up to the National Team for SEA Games 2015 event. Felicia has been a mainstay in the team and she is determined to use the opportunity to put the spotlight on her beloved Floorball sport.


Felicia (first from right), celebrating with fellow teammates at the Singapore National Games 2016.


How did your love for the sport came about?

I picked up Floorball in 2005 when I was a student at CHIJ Katong Convent. It was one of the lesser known sports back then but it turned out to be one of the most fun and interesting sport I’ve picked up.


What are some of the misconceptions about the sport?

There were many people who mistook Floorball as Hockey but the Floorball stick and ball is actually much lighter than Hockey’s. Floorball is also played at a much faster pace, so it’s really important to have a good stamina. And unlike Hockey which is played outdoors and with 11 players. Floorball is played indoor with only 5 field players and 1 goalkeeper. So the two sports are actually very different.


How do you manage your time juggling school and sport?

As a student athlete, my biggest fear was having insufficient time for my studies. One example was during the SEA Games period last year where I had to train close to 6-7 times a week during my examination period. It was definitely a very stressful period, I had to burn midnight oil for many months and sacrificed the time I could spend with my friends and family to revise on my work. Discipline and proper time management is really important in order to succeed.


Representing Singapore for SEA Games 2015. The Singapore Women’s National Floorball Team took home the gold medal, after beating Thailand in a penalty shoot-out in the finals.


Tell us about your role as a U CHAMP in the running of the Floorball team.

As an U CHAMP, I oversee and plan several activities of the U Sports Floorball team such as the scheduling of training, recruiting members and ensuring that the team is able to train effectively and adequately to meet our goals. Together with the committee, we also make sure that the team is closely-knitted and bonded by engaging them in team camps and gatherings!


You also help to lead the team to organise the annual 3-on-3 Floorball Faceoff tournament, how has the experience been like?

In 2016, I played a bigger role in the annual 3-on-3 Floorball Faceoff event. I was tasked to oversee and plan the event. From manpower and logistics planning, marketing of the event and ensuring that the event runs smoothly. I have learnt that planning a 2-day event is not an easy feat. It requires a lot of coordination and cooperation from everyone who were involved in this event. I’m thankful for the opportunity that U Sports has given me and it has definitely been an rewarding experience. My team and I are also proud and happy to have the chance to spread our love for the sport of Floorball.



Felicia is part of the organizing team for the U Sports 3-on-3 Floorball Faceoff 2017 tournament. Find out more about the event here or catch the highlights of 3-on-3 Floorball Faceoff 2016 here and here!