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A Sandsational Sportsmaniac time at the Beach!
Posted date: 06-Sep-2016

U Sports Sand-sation – formerly known as Beach Games – saw over 1400 participants competing in different sports – Dodgeball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tchoukball, Touch Football, and an ‘Amazing Race’ inspired Sportsmania over the course of 2 days!
Teams participating in Sportsmania were required to navigate around the island to complete a series of 8 physically and mentally challenging team games. The free fall challenge – proved to be one of the most challenging obstacles of all!


Participants got to try out fringe activities like bubble soccer, dragonboat and win attractive prizes in our mini-games and contests. Many also received goodies from our partners Block up, Ogawa, Pokka, Fantastic and Focus Adventure.


Check out the official event photos from Day 1 and Day 2!


Also, hear from our sports leader, aka U CHAMP, Mui Luan – the brains behind the Touch Football tournament at Sand-sation!



Interview with our Touch Football U CHAMP, Choo Mui Luan


 Mui Luan, Touch Football U CHAMP,  in action for the team


1. How did you get involved in the U Sports Touch Football team and Sand-sation?

I serve as the team sports manager and recently I assist to coach for the U Sports Taniwhas team which is playing in the Women’s B Division. We managed to reclaim our title having lost it last year. I am also the adviser and co-organizer for U Sports Beach Touch Tournament under U Sports Sand-sation (previously known as Beach Games). It is one of the main highlights of the event for us as well as in the Touch Football scene. This is also when we get all members together to support the event – as participants, officials, and referees. As advisor, I get to mentor different members every year in organising the tournament. It also allows them to realize that we put in a lot of work for this partnership to work and we need teamwork to get it going.


2. How did u feel about the event (U Sports Sand-sation – Beach Touch Football) that you helped out in?
It is one of the major events in our club as well as the touch community calendar. We have improved in the organization over the years in terms of the equipment used and the quality of officials from the feedback given. We have also always received very good feedback with regards to the event on social media.


3. How did your love for the sport came about?

I used to represent Singapore in long distance running when I was younger. I took up Touch Rugby (it was known as Touch Rugby when the sport was first started) in Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) while I was studying Sport and Wellness Management as my lecturer wanted to expose us to different sports. We were a group of athletes from different sports background who came together and formed quite a good team. We actually won the IVP (Inter- Varsity Polytechnic) in our final year of studies, beating the favorites Nanyang Technological University.


4. What are some of the misconceptions about the sport?
That it is contact rugby, a rough sport and only played by men. It is actually a sport played by both gender and we have women’s, men’s and mixed categories.


5. What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
Being an athlete in an individual sport for quite a number of years, I had to adjust to the concept of team sports. My teammates and coach in NYP helped me to see the beauty of team sports and going through the grueling trainings together, forming memories and friendship that we still cherish today.


6. What are your goals/plans in 2016 for the Touch Football community?
The Touch Football Community is currently in a transition period in terms of the organizing organization. With the new organizing organization, the committee has seen the number of participants growing by almost double the amount. While we all enjoy the sports and also the competition in the new league, there are some concerns with regards to the national representation of the sport. And we have quite a significant number of national players in different categories from the club. Hopefully, we can work that out soon.


7. What is your role as a U CHAMP in the running of the Touch Football team?
The U CHAMP values of Character, Heart, Attitude, Motivation & Passion is very similar to the characters that we hope to instill in our members. With the U CHAMP framework, it helps to reinforce the desirable values in our members. Touch Football do have this rule whereby unsportsmanship like behavior will not be tolerated and that can amount to a player being “sin-binned” or sent off e.g. ankle tapping, dangerous play, rough play, spouting in appropriate language. This applies to all players, officials, participants as well as spectators. As a U CHAMP – I help to make and implement plans for the club as a Club Secertary. I also coach the players to ensure that we not only abide by the Touch Rules, but also dvelop their character and values through the sport. And as volunteers, this would not be possible without the correct character (personal), Heart (for the sport), Attitude (personal), Motivation and Passion (personal and for the sport).


8. What are the plans for you as a U CHAMP moving forward?
Currently, I have been the team sports manager for a number of years. In the recent years, I have also started to be involved in the coaching committee. We have many talents in the club – so, I will continue to improve in my current role .




 Mui Luan conducting a briefing to the participants


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