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Beating The Boys At Their Game
Posted date: 03-May-2016

Chawaree, 31, discovered the U Cycling interest group by accident and started joining the team training sessions in November 2014. The friendly atmosphere and cyclists made her feel at ease and soon she found herself addicted to cycling. On why she enjoyed cycling, Chawaree said, “I enjoy the speed, and also because it helps me to release stress from work and allows me to better focus on things.”


Despite starting out with a commuting bicycle, Chawaree grew leaps and bounds through the weekly training sessions and has since moved up the ranks from being a sweeper to being one of the faster riders within the group. When asked on her improvements, Chawaree said, “I felt a little nervous and shy at first, as it’s embarrassing that other riders have to wait for me as I was lagging behind the group. This was also the reason to push me to train and improve more. I aim to not only keep up with the group or other cyclists, but to be able to push the pace as well.”


Chawaree during U Cycling

Chawaree during U Cycling training session


Her commitment and perseverance stood out and she was selected to be trained as a lead cyclist through the Lead Cyclist Programme developed by U Sports. She is currently the only female lead cyclists in the U Cycling interest group, she takes care of the team during the weekly ride and competes in competition representing U Cycling Team.


Not satisfied with her improvements to date, Chawaree is looking to improve further and hopes to represent U Cycling team and win in competitions. As a lead cyclist, she is looking forward to building greater awareness and having more people join the U Cycling family!


Chawaree with U Cycling team

Chawaree with U Cycling team!