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Being a Workout Mum
Posted date: 04-Apr-2017

By: Norzailailah


Having a baby doesn’t mean mums have to give up their active lifestyles and resign to childbearing duties round the clock.

Take it from Norzailailah who makes it a point to work out and bond with her son at the same time through unconventional fitness routines. Learn from the mother of 4 about whatmotivates her and pick up a few tips from the workout mum!


U Sports: How did your interest in fitness come about?


Norzailailah: I was a cross country runner back in secondary school and I’ve always been keen on leading an active lifestyle since. In 2009, my friends called out everybody for a sports day reunion with all our husbands and children to play badminton, swimming, roller-blading, trail walk, hiking and marathons! It soon became a yearly event.

Even when i was pregnant, I find time to stay active by doing slow walks with my sister to keep up my fitness levels as pregnancy causes weight gain. The only way to slim down is to exercise slowly as I couldn’t go on a diet. I also did ‘jogathons’ with my baby and children to have fun and bond with them!



U Sports: Wow, you’re an inspiration to many mums out there. Pregnancy shouldn’t stop you from working out indeed. What are some of the misconceptions between fitness and mummy duties?


Norzailailah: It’s may be tough to get back into a regular workout routine in the gym when you have a baby but it’s just a matter of a finding a balancing act with the many tasks of motherhood. You may not be perfect but you should never allow yourself to make excuses.

It only takes a shift of mentality to include basic fitness routines into everyday life and getting the family and my children involved. I figure out what works best as we go along.

When I incorporate on exercising into the household, my children see the importance of our fitness routine in our daily lives.


U Sports: Amazing! What motivates you and how do you find time to take care of your kids yet exercise at the same time?


Working out for one or two days a week in the morning is sufficient. As our children are still young, my husband and i will take turns to look after them if we decide to go for more intense exercises that our kids can’t do. Otherwise, we often do “parent-child” tag sports like badminton or soccer. When we spend quality time doing sports together, it makes everyone happy and healthy at the same time!



U Sports: Where did you get the ideas about exercising with your baby from? What are the benefits from it?


I googled for ideas on how to exercise with my baby. Besides reading story books and talking/singing to him, there are many health benefits for mom-baby exercise – such as developing muscular strength and motor skills yet getting good, positive energy vibes.

Some exercises I tried out are by holding a plank or modified push up position and placing my baby on his tummy on the mat. The tummy time helps baby to develop head and neck control.


Below are some exercises that Noorzailailah invented herself. *Note: Kindly practise discretion when doing the exercises. Remember, safety comes first!


#1 Leg workout:

Walk in place as you catch up your favourite show. Just march your legs up and down from living room to kitchen or any other rooms during commercials break.

Alternatively, you can progressively make reps count whilst chilling at your sofa

Legs pull in(10-20x)

Leg swings & raises in circles (10-20x)

Stretching forward whilst bending your knees(10-20x)

Heels Rises (30x)


#2 Side-to-Side workout to streamline and trim your oblique muscles (Right:10x, Left:10x)














#3 Toning stomach areas or core

Place the baby in a safe position beside you. Do in a Plank position facing the TV and hold it for a short period of time. For starters, try to withstand for 30seconds and as you progress each day, you can opt from 1 to 5min.