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Bowling – More than just a sport
Posted date: 03-Aug-2016

Q&A with our Bowling sports leader, Chiam Yew Koon!


U Sports Bowling sports leader, Yew Koon, at training


1. What is your age and occupation?

33 / Crewing Manager & Part time private coach


2. Describe your involvement in the U Sports interest group (in particular the recent events – eg. National Day Fun Bowl). How do you feel about it? How has it empowered you?

Sense of self satisfaction, seeing bowlers of all level competing amongst each other to learn more from the experienced bowlers especially when youth gets involve.


3. How long have you been helping to organize National Day Fun Bowl?

I participated in 2013 and was helping Ubowling from 2014 till now/ Although I will be missing out 2016 as I will be away in States.


4. What other activities do you spearhead for U Sports?

To be honest, so far work, bowling (competitive/training/leagues), coaching, my family and personal life occupies most of my time. I do hope and if also time permits, I will be able to do more in the near future.


5. How did your love for the sport came about? 

My interest in Bowling started at the age of 14 and it began at Singapore Recreation Club as the club added an alley as part of its new facilities and of course with encouragement and a challenge with my late dad, got my first bowling ball package and it went on from there. My late dad, Andrew Chiam Cheng Joo has always been supportive in our sports since my brothers and I were young, we started with golf, swimming, track and field, softball, dancesport and bowling which I finally decide to stick to.How I got into bowling: well, it started with bowling together on a Sunday afternoon with my dad and younger brother, Yew Bing a week after Singapore Recreation Club was re-open after their youth dancesport session ended. After a few sessions, every Sunday on a weekly basis, we were asked if we liked it and how about getting a bowling package which consist of a bowling ball, a pair of shoes and bag which we gladly say yes to, but with a catch, 1 of us would have to average 120 for 3 games, we jumped on to that opportunity, took up the challenge and achieved it. Without whatever that happened that day, the challenges imposed and not giving up which got me and my brother to where we are, which also weren’t happened without my dad and mum’s support and encouragement something that I will never be able to thank them enough for.


6. What are some of the misconceptions about the sport?

It is not a sport or how is it a sport?
It is strength dominance.
Just keep bowling, that’s all I need to do and I will improve.


7. Describe any challenges/fears that you faced and how you overcame them.

Challenges and fears is a definite thing in any sports. Fear and doubts always works hand in     hand and it is how we eliminate most of the negativity and focus more on the positivity, from there, trust and belief in your own capabilities will surface. Head into a challenge of any kind with an open mind, learn from both the defeats and the wins as there will always be something to learn from there


8. What are your goals/plans in 2016 for the interest group community or what do you hope U Sports can assist you in to help grow the community?

I do hope to see more kids and youth getting involve with bowling in kid friendly games/tournaments or parent/child games/tournament to promote family bonding and child development.


9. How do you feel about winning the 2015 Awards Night Sportsperson of the Year? Why do you think you won the award? (Feel free to share your results, achievements and contributions)

I would say I have been performing rather well that year and the year before in regards to bowling (winning more than I thought could and being in the top 10 category most of the time) and the credits definitely goes to my Bowling ball Driller (Sam’s pro shop), my coach (Mr AK Yong), U Bowling and also to my mum, Audrey Yeo and late dad, Andrew Chiam who are always supportive. I’m also very thankful to the past coaches that I had, thru clubs, National youth and development squad that I was in before, for without them, my journey in bowling would have been so much duller.As to winning the award, it wasn’t really on my mind as I was nominated based on my contributions and to me there will always be others contributing more than I have, in more than 1 way for different sports group within U Sports, I am honored when I heard the news that I was awarded when I was in Hanoi from Jason.


10. What are the plans for you as a U CHAMP moving forward? (Eg. International Competitions, event organization, coaching Team U Sports, etc…)

Participate in more international events in the Asia region in the near future and more activities for the youth to keep start their interest.


11. Anything that you would like to say about U Sports and/or NTUC Club?

It has been an honor to be nominated as a member of the group of sports leaders called U CHAMPs and thank you for the amazing support you have provided into different sport interest which we, sportspeople need a lot. Amazing yearly awards night to recognise sportsmen and women to induction classes provided. Thank you U Sports and NTUC Club.