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Championing the Golf Cause
Posted date: 07-Jan-2016

William Leow, 61, and his wife, Ms Julie Yeo, have been participating and promoting golf events organized by U Sports for the past 5 years. With U Golf initiated by NTUC Club, the sport became more accessible to everyone, which helped to promote participation to mutual friends and family members. As the couple’s love for the sport grew, they decided to take on roles to become more involved in the organization of the events and make a difference in the community. They started to assist in coordinating parts of U Golf events including handling administrative matters and garnering sponsors. The time they spent together to influence the golf community has also strengthened their bond as they sought to better themselves in pursuit of their common passion.



Julie & William



William and Julie will be representing their respective unions, SUBE and UTES, to compete in the U Golf Championship on 26 & 27 January. We spoke to William and Julie to share their story with the U Golf community thus far.



1. How did your love for golf came about?

William: I was an avid and full of passion for competitive soccer for more than 20 years until my wife introduced golf to me in 2008. From there, I took up golf lessons  and went for my handicap test which I fared well – I was given a 21 handicapper straightaway during my test with the pro!

Julie: I was introduced to golf by an ex-colleague and I’ve been passionately golfing since then and with my better half thereafter.


2. How has U Golf inspired you and what are some of your notable achievements?

Julie: Since taking up golfing in the 90s, there hasn’t been  much opportunities to play in golf tournament or meet other golfers. Only in the recent years when NTUC introduced the U Golf  that I was given more exposure to participate in golf events that were strongly supported by my union (UTES). I took part in U Live U Golf, 5 series, Tri-Nations… With that, I was able to gather my union kakis to come together for golfing activities and it has also given me more opportunities and exposure to organize overseas golfing trips for my fellow golfers, friends and relatives. It also serve as a fellowship outing for friends and relatives.

William: I won the 1st U Live golf tournament and was part of the team in SUBE’s greatest achievement in the individual and team categories.



William (2nd from left) at the U Live Golf 2011



3. What other activities do you spearhead for U Sports?

William: I was in the U Games committee since year 2009 to 2014 and I took care of SUBE members’ interests to actively participate U Games events such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Futsal.. etc. I was also the manager and player for the Soccer team and captained the Golf team.


4. What are some of the challenges that you face and how do you overcome them?

William: (At my age, in order) to play good golf, fitness is the key regardless of mental and physical strength. I jog, do lots of stretching and eat healthily in order to (maintain that level of fitness) for my age.

Julie: I suffered injuries to the lower back and golf elbow. I’ve since taken up low-impact exercise (for strengthening) and my golf game has improved tremendously. (I believe in) the saying of “Fit to play golf” & not “Golf to be fit”.


5. What are your plans in 2016 for the U Golf community or how do you think the community can be further grown?

William: (I would like to be involved in more) U Golf drives that promotes, integrates and engages various NTUC communities and golfing networks. (It is essential to keep the sport) good and affordable to play in and outside Singapore. Tournaments such as U Games Golf, the JB golf series, Batam series and the Tri-Nations series is a good platform to engage the members.

Julie: Hopefully, when I retire, I look forward to involve in organizing golf activities for my golf kakis such as overseas golf trips, monthly golf outing etc.


Julie (right) and her teammate represented UTES to win the U Golf Championship team event.


6. Any afterthoughts?

Julie: I reckon that if NTUC did not initiate the U Golf program for their Union members, I don’t think I would be able to sustain my interest in playing golf for so long. Playing competitive golf has helped me further develop my interest in golf through courses such as the R&A workshop. I am also seeking to improve my physical level through aerobics classes in order to take part in the many exciting upcoming NTUC golf events. In fact, my progress in golf has encouraged me to participate in local golf tournaments such as Her World Golf, OCC Ladies Open, MWS etc. Thank you NTUC for looking after their members!



The couple is looking forward to be further involved in organizing golf activities with U Golf and promoting the sport to the larger community.  Visit here to find out more about U Golf Interest Group!