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‘Fish’ing for Adventure
Posted date: 03-Feb-2016

Ever since he started out with U Sports as a guide to our Bukit Timah hike back in August 2014, Fish’s enthusiasm to spread his love for the outdoors adventure to others has only grown stronger. The 28 year old outdoor education coach is always keen to give expert advice and his passion to share was evident in the recent U Sports ‘Explore Punggol On Wheels’ event as he took participants through various pit stops to explain about the history of the places of interest.


Through our adventure interest group activities, Fish helps to engage and outreach to the public of different ages from various walks of life and he hopes to help grow the group by bringing out the FUN element!


Explore Punggol on Wheels

Fish (extreme left) with the participants at Explore Punggol on Wheels.



1. How did your love for Adventure/Orienteering came about? 

I started out working part time as an outdoor facilitator in 2008. I was thus exposed to various kind of jobs, classroom type leadership programs, camps, high elements natured programs and orienteering for National Cadet Corps (NCC). Out of all the programs I have worked I realized I had most interest in high elements and orienteering, as both challenges the mind and (you have to build the confidence to) rely on yourself during these activities.



2. What motivates you to keep the passion going?

It is very fulfilling to witness the growth in students while doing orienteering… Also, seeing the enjoyment and how much fun the participants are having is what really keeps me going.



3. What are some of the misconceptions about Adventure activities/Orienteering?

Some of the misconceptions are that people always think they need to be very fit physically and need to spend a lot of money to be able to do outdoor activities. In actual fact, there are a lot of different activities to cater for different level of fitness and different ages, with some being free or minimum or heavily subsidized such as events organized by U Sports – Adventure Interest Group.


A main challenge that I have faced in the recent years is that, as Singaporeans get more health conscious they are still not really receptive to outdoor activities as they think adventure and danger is directly proportional which is not true. So through sharing personal experiences and sharing of self-made videos I am able to convey more that adventure activities can be fun and safe at the same time for all ages.


Safety briefing

Fish conducting the safety briefing at Explore Punggol on Wheels.





4. What are your goals/plans in 2016 for U Sports – Adventure Interest Group and yourself?

I hope to rekindle everyone’s memories like they are in a CCA at school where everyone may have been from different classes but still comes together to have fun and take care of each other like a family. I also hope that in the future whoever sees the events organized by Adventure Interest Group, the first thing they can think of will be adventure and fun!


For myself, I hope to effectively promote Orienteering as a sport to everyone be it in schools or to the public. Getting the sport and Orienteering Federation Singapore (OFS)  recognized by the relevant authorities would be a dream come true. Also, I would like to start a course and gather more like minded-people to know about Bushcrafting – a series of outdoor related skill-sets where people will learn how to survive in the wild and ensure their own safety even with the bare essentials.



5. How did your own startup company, Survivalism, come about?

I was working in another outdoor company as an Operations Executive and I needed outdoor camping products but I notice that the market was selling products that I can’t afford. That’s why when Survivalism LLP started in 2012, it was initially with the sole purpose of being an outdoor product merchandiser – to help fulfill the basic safety needs that everyone have, such as the first aid kit.


As I continued to work in that outdoor company, my friends and I noticed a general trend of the lack of mental independence in youths,  so we decided to start organizing programs that utilize the sport of Orienteering as a tool to empower themselves, that also infuse empathy for the great outdoors and people – so as to achieve a holistic personal development. Thus, Survivalism LLP gradually evolved to what is currently a concept life coaching company that uses outdoor adventure and orienteering to help others improve their personal development and build greater confidence. For example, student sports leaders can learn to communicate more effectively to delegate tasks better and corporate companies may attend the programs to improve their team camaraderie.


Currently Survivalism LLP caters Outdoor Adventure Programs, Outdoor Equipment Merchandise and Orienteering Training.


Fish photo

Fish all at ease in his ’2nd home’.



With his unwavering passion for the great outdoors, Fish is definitely looking forward to plan more events for the U Sports Adventure Interest Group! To find out more about the Adventure Interest Group, visit or email to stay updated about the latest Adventure Interest Group events.