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Fun Team Activities at the Beach
Posted date: 28-Jun-2018

Planning a fun bonding activity with your colleagues but haven’t got any idea what to do? Why not head down to the beach for some fun beach games? The beach is the perfect setting for everyone to unwind and bond. With fun and exciting games, you could challenge yourself and learn how to work as a team!

Channel that Positive Energy

When planning beach games, you should try to create positive experience by allowing the activities to channel a team’s energy.

Some game suggestions:

  • Beach relay race: Get teams to work together in a relay event.
  • Beach Volleyball: Let people learn a new sport through a casual setting.
  • Frisbee: You can never go wrong with Frisbee. Get everyone hyped up with this simple and fun sport!
  • Sandcastle Competition: A trip to the beach would not be complete without playing with the sand! You could get teams to create the most creative sandcastle based on a certain theme within a stipulated time limit.
  • Amazing Race: Place some clues around the beach or in is vicinity and get teams to crack the clues to find the next station. Set fun mini-games at the stations and the first team to reach the pit stop wins!
  • Captain’s Ball: Get everyone involved with a simple game of captain’s ball.

Sand-Sation 2018

Planning such events can be rather tedious and tiring. Why not join Sand-Sation 2018?

Sand-Sation 2018 will be held on 25th – 26th August 2018 at the New Mempari Beach in Sentosa. With 5 events including Frisbee, Captain’s Ball, Amazing Race, Handball and Beach Volleyball, form a team with your colleagues and join us for a fun day at the beach! Find out more about our corporate packages and sign up information here – hyperlink the word ‘here’ when your details are up on the website!