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How Workplace Fitness Improves Productivity
Posted date: 02-Aug-2018

No matter how many employees you have, nothing impacts your bottom line more than falling employee productivity. You can have the best and brightest employees in the business that can produce results that stand head and shoulders above your competitors, but if they are sitting sedentary at their desk eight hours a day with no stimulation of any kind, the sharpest minds become sluggish. This starts a domino effect and soon office morale sinks causing increased sick days and increasing stress.



Staying Physically Active Helps People in Their Personal Lives…And the Workplace

If you are noticing that your employees are losing their zeal, incorporating fitness and an active lifestyle in the workplace can be just what the doctor ordered. There are an increasing number of businesses – large and small – that are making exercise in the workplace a regular feature of their work day. Not only is promoting physical activity good for health—it is good for productivity and business.
In a study done by the Brookings Institute, regular exercise at work helps increase employees’ happiness and overall productivity in the workplace. If you are looking to optimize effectiveness through fitness and wellness, the following are some suggested to move in the right direction.


Standing Desks

We all can relate to the feelings of dread when we have to sit in an office chair for hours several days a week. Being glued to our desks and being sedentary most of the day eventually slows our metabolism down to a crawl. An increasing number of companies are making the investment of standing desks in their offices. These desks allow workers to sit and stand throughout the day and help them incorporate physical activity. Being able to move during the work day helps burn calories, keeps us refreshed and can help improve and maintain good health.


Additional Breaks

Allow more time in the daily work schedule for extra breaks so employees can get up and be active. These breaks don’t have to be lengthy—maybe a five minute time-out to walk around the cube or a quick stroll in the fresh air can make a big difference. In addition to those small additional breaks, you can provide incentives for your employees if they reach productivity goals. This can include allowing them to go to the gym during the day or free tickets to local sporting events.


Make Your Meetings Mobile

Holding meetings in conference rooms under fluorescent lighting can be a drain on the brain and body. Why not take your meeting to go? Making your meetings mobile is a great way to get some exercise and it is also an excellent way to stimulate ideas. Being able to “think on your feet” is also a great way to keep the creative juices flowing and come up with creative ways to solve current work and productivity issues.


Make Physical Activities Part of Team Building

In the business world, we all know that team building is an essential part to building a cohesive unit. Spice up team work by incorporating fun activities such as kickball, softball, or companywide challenges. Take employees to local sporting events and encourage participation in sports leagues outside the office.


Encouraging Physical Activity in the Workplace is Essential to Maintaining Productivity

It is important to find ways to positively encourage and motivate your employees. By incorporating physical activity into the workplace, employees can reach personal and company goals while maintaining their physical and mental edge. If you are seeing productivity slip, or are looking for new ways to keep your well-oiled machine running in top form, incorporating physical fitness programs into the workplace is a solid option to pursue.



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