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Hydration Tips by PLENISH Sports Water
Posted date: 28-Jul-2015

Beat the heat this August at Beach Games with PLENISH Sports Water! Read on for tips on how to stay hydrated and be in tip top condition for the games:



1. Thirst is not the best indicator of your level of hydration. By the time you feel thirsty, you’re probably already getting dehydrated. So start drinking up prior to your beach activities and competition.


2. Hydration goes skin deep and beyond. Apart from applying sunblock to protect your from the harmful rays, drink up so that hyaluronic acid in your skin can absorb some of the water to give your skin the elasticity and vibrancy. Do the skin test:  If your skin doesn’t bounce back right away when you pinch it, you need to replenish your liquid levels.


3. Stay cool and shaded. Bring along your personal cooler and ice to keep your drinks chilled and drink them cold! Remember to wet a towel and shield yourself from the sun. Bring down your core body temperature to keep your performance output at optimum levels and last longer during competition.


4. Beach Games Must-Haves - With PLENISH Sports Water to rehydrate and replenish at Beach Games, don’t forget to bring along these essentials to beat the heat for a good time with us!


                Sunblock – For that perfect tan without the burn.

                Shades/Cap - Shield your eyes from harmful UV rays and look cool at the same time.

                Beach Towel/Mat – Keep your stuff sand-free.

                Cooler & Ice packs – Chill your drinks!

                Beach Sandals/Socks – Save your soles from the hot sand.

                Umbrella – Keep yourself prepared for any weather.




About PLENISH Sports Water


PLENISH Sports Water range provides cool isotonic refreshment while replenishing your body’s lost fluids and electrolytes.Specially formulated with Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)which assists in:

  • Increasing athletic endurance & mental clarity
  • Aids recovery from fatigue during & after exercise
  • Maintaining muscle tissues
  • Also contains Citric Acid which improves blood circulation and aids recovery from fatigue


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