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Launch of U Games 13/14
Posted date: 07-Jul-2013

NTUC Club celebrates the Launch of U Games 13/14 with more than 800 members, participants and fans



U Sports made significant impact to the Labour Movement’s sporting scene through more than 100 events a year

More strategic partnerships between NTUC Club and local football clubs to grow the soccer scene in Singapore


Singapore, 7 July 2013 – A new season of the annual inter-union sporting tournament, the U Games, kicked off today at ITE College East with an exhibition match between NTUC Invitational Team comprising of union leaders and NTUC Club staff, and ex-Internationals football players from Geylang International Football Club. The match was played out in front of Special Guest Mr Zainudin Nordin, President of the Football Association of Singapore, and more than 800 union members, fans and participants of the day’s soccer and mixed netball tournaments.


Significant Impact made to the union sporting scene


U Sports is the key engagement platform for the 750,000-member strong Labour Movement (LM) to reach out to the union community through sports. With at least one event every week, U Sports has made significant impact, building bonds, creating passion and love for sports among its members and friends, uniting its cheering spectators, and pushing the LM sporting scene to a greater height. U Sports provides participants with a variety of sporting choices throughout the year, and in U Games alone, there are 13 sporting events in this year’s calendar.


“It is always wonderful to attend a sporting event, regardless whether is it as a participant or as a spectator. The spirit and enthusiasm, the sweat and tears, they drive our passion not just for the game or for the sport but for the team. I truly appreciate U Sports’ effort in driving a stronger and more vibrant sporting community.  This is also evident in the different partnerships U Sports had secured with local soccer clubs to grow the passion for the local soccer scene.  I personally welcome U Sports to take this one step further, perhaps to start its own Union League to further enhance the local interest and support for soccer inSingapore.  I think the Labour Movement is well-placed to make this happen and the recent win by our LionsXII brought forth many more soccer fans than I expect,” said Mr Zainudin Nordin, special guest and President of the Football Association of Singapore.


Earlier in February, NTUC Club had inked a memorandum of understanding with Geylang International Football Club (GIFC) and on 4 July, NTUC Club signed another agreement with Tanjong Pagar United Football Club (TPUFC). The partnerships will enable U Sports to provide a more extensive range of soccer-related sports offerings for the members. Following the launch of the U Games today, U Sports will also be tying up strategic partnerships with Balestier Khalsa Football Club and the Courts Young Lions to better engage members through soccer over the upcoming months.


“Through the years, the U Games have been a great platform for us to engage our members but increasingly we see that our members want more platforms for friendly competition. With strategic partnerships, we hope to synergise our efforts within the Labour Movement and with our partners to drive a stronger community engagement through sports and create a more vibrant sporting scene inSingapore,” said Ms Lim Kay Min, Deputy Director, Community Engagement & Membership, NTUC Club.


The U Games, an annual inter-union sporting tournament, is now in its sixth year. U Games allows union members to participate and fight for top positions at each individual event, racking up points for their respective unions. At the end of the season, the union with the highest points will be crowned the top union of the U Games.


A total of 34 teams from 19 unions participated in the 7-A-Side Soccer tournament, while 11 teams from 9 unions took part in the Mixed Netball tournament today.


For a calendar of events under the U Games, kindly refer to the Annex.


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