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MOU between NTUC Club and GIFC
Posted date: 17-Feb-2013

Geylang International FC and NTUC Club To Use Football for Community Engagement and Talent Development

17 February 2013 Singapore: Geylang International Football Club (GIFC) and NTUC Club today pledged to work together toco-organise football-related events and activities for community engagement and talent development in the Labour Movement.

In an MOU signing today at Bedok Point between Mr Leong Kok Fann, Chairman of GIFC and Mr Yeo Khee Leng, Chief Executive Officer of NTUC Club, both organisations agreed to share their resources and facilities to achieve this community bonding aim.



Football Community Engagement


1. Both GIFC and NTUC Club will co-organise workshops, clinics and courses to provide NTUC members and the members, supporters and fans of GIFC with a platform for learning and the development of skills.


2. GIFC and NTUC Club will work closely to reach out to NTUC members, members, supporters and fans of GIFC, and the wider community to participate in the workshops, clinics and courses.


Publicity and Promotion of Other Events and Membership


3. GIFC will support NTUC Club in its efforts in reaching out to and engaging GIFC members, supporters and fans, and assist in promoting events organised by NTUC Club which are open to GIFC members, supporters and fans.


4. In support of local football, NTUC members will be encouraged to attend GIFC games and matches.


5. All GIFC players under the age of 25, who are also full-time students, will be offered a complimentary nEbO membership by NTUC Club. As nEbO members, players will be able to enjoy benefits provided by nEbO and NTUC.


Access to GIFC and NTUC Club Facilities


6. GIFC and NTUC Club will mutually accord each other the use of appropriate facilities within their control for events and activities at no charge or a preferential rate, subject to availability of such facilities.


The duration of GIFC and NTUC Club’s collaboration is for a period of three years, beginning today.




Chairman of Geylang International Football Club (GIFC), Mr Leong Kok Fann: ‘The roots of Geylang International Football Club have always been in the community since our founding in 1974. So this collaboration with NTUC Club to engage the community and promote local football – is at the very heart of GIFC’s DNA. At the end of the day we want as many people as possible to benefit from our expertise in football, from our facilities and contacts, as well as enjoy a healthy lifestyle as we demonstrate our common passion for the beautiful game of football.’


CEO of NTUC Club, Mr Yeo Khee Leng:

‘Football has always been popular among our union members, and this win-win partnership with GIFC will boost the quality of our engagement with them. We can provide more opportunities for them to pursue their passion in football, lead a healthy lifestyle and improve their fitness. Sports is more than just about the players, the support of fans are important too. So we want to engage them, and build up our spectator fan community together.’


This Media Release is jointly issued by Geylang International Football Club and NTUC Club.


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