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New Experiences at Every Turn
Posted date: 22-Jul-2015

After coming out tops in the U Sports Run Free with your Buddy online contest, running buddies Esther and Lindsay are looking to keep up their momentum.



About Esther & Lindsay


Buddies Esther Khoo and Lindsay Chow are both students at the Singapore University of Technology (SIT), and tell us that they took to running together for leisure initially. However, like many who take to running, things slowly became more intensive as they got better at it.


“We started by running leisurely around the city after classes and on some weekends just as a way to keep fit,” says Esther. “But that got more serious when we signed up for the Sundown Half Marathon in 2014. Now that we had a goal we began training more regularly and with better discipline.”


The girls now cover about 10 to 20km a week, mostly around the Marina Bay area and also at McRitchie Reservoir. Their school schedules give them the flexibility to sometimes get out there during off peak hours in the late afternoons and they make it a point to run twice a week.


When training for specific events they will add distance progressively. But just running by themselves can be repetitive, so they also take part in activities and group runs with the Running Department, a non-profit running community in Singapore that hosts runs twice a week in central locations. They share that it allows them to explore new routes, pick up ideas from more experienced individuals and meet other like-minded runners.



After last year’s Sundown Half Marathon, Esther and Lindsay got decidedly more interested in taking part at large events. Winning the U Sports Run Free with Your Buddy online contest held earlier this year also gave them the opportunity to take part in up to three events for free this year. They share that they have not yet gone beyond the half marathon, but are working at attempting longer distances until they feel comfortable.


Besides running together, the girls also have interests in different sporting activities. Lindsay shares that she is a keen yoga enthusiast, while Esther goes swimming to relax.


This year, both of them had signed up for the 2XU Compression Run scheduled to be held in March and Run350 in April.


“We planned to concentrate on the 2XU Compression Run’s half marathon distance then take part in the NTUC Income Run350’s 10km event the week after as a form of recovery run,” shares Esther. However, the postponement of the 2XU Compression Run to August this year meant that they had to adjust their plans a little. So with all that additional training they were in great shape for the Run350 event, which saw a record number of runners take part this year. More than 10,000 people had signed up to take part in the event that aims to raise awareness to the need to lower atmospheric CO2 levels to 350 parts per million, which scientists believe is the level required for Earth’s sustainability.


 Lindsay and Esther with SEA Games Marathon gold medalist Mok Ying Ren.


Being undergraduates these days can get pretty hectic, but the girls tell us that running and an overall fitness plan is part of their way of relieving the stress of studying. When asked what is it about the running events that are so encouraging, Lindsay says, “being able to run alongside people from all walks of life and seeing everybody so motivated to finish the race is a real motivation. Each and every event is memorable in its own way, and while some distances can be long and tiring they are still really fun.”


Her buddy Esther adds, “every running event is a new experience, and each one gives me that extra push to try for a new personal best, provided that I’ve prepared properly for it!”




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