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Not Your Average Runner
Posted date: 01-Mar-2016

Despite joining the U Sports running group only in 2014, Jonathan Suerte has made leaps and bounds in many aspects of his favorite past-time. Through the opportunities U Sports offered to him, Jonathan grew his passion and made a name for himself in the running community. He recently finished in a commendable 11th place at the grueling 12-hour ultra-marathon at MacRitchie and was also selected as one of the top-tiered official pacers at Marina Run.
Marina pacer

Jonathan (1st row, 1st from left) with the Marina Run 2016 official pacers.

However success did not come easy for Jonathan. During one of the lowest points of his life, Jonathan was classified as obese with a BMI of more than 30 and at risk of developing many health ailments. Although his condition was partly due to his hereditary predisposition, Jonathan knew he had to do something when two of his uncles passed away from obesity-related health issues. As an unfit person then, Jonathan’s self-confidence was low. He soon found himself leaving running groups and his weight rebounded from many failed fitness regimes.

As fate would have it, Jonathan came across the U Sports Running Group during an internet search.  The varied ages, races and fitness levels of the participants made him feel at ease and he felt it was the right fit to keep him motivated. With the group’s jovial environment, Jonathan found himself enjoying the sessions more each time. Running became no longer a fitness regime but a habit. Gradually, he started seeing improvements in his health and general well-being.

Workout session

Leading the workout session with the U Sports Running Group

Jonathan’s confidence and self-esteem was also boosted when he was selected to be trained as a U Sports lead runner. Being put through the U Sports Lead Runners’ program with the platform to take charge at various activities also helped him gain knowledge and appreciate his training better. With his commitment and enthusiasm, Jonathan naturally was selected as the captain of the U Sports pacer team. He has since gone on to inspire fellow runners with his passion and life-changing story.

Jonathan photo
“I’m glad to have the chance to be part of this warm and unintimidating running family. U Sports has made me embrace a healthy yet truly exciting lifestyle and gave me greater meaning to running though this prominent role as captain!

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