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Protein Sources at the Local Hawker Centre
Posted date: 21-Apr-2016

Local food has its fair amount of healthy protein. You just need to know where to look.



Touch your heart. When it comes to protein sources, all that many of us can ever think of will be that same old chicken breast, whey powder that only comes in so many flavours, and then there are only so many eggs that you can eat before you start growing some wings. BORING!


Have you ever thought of exploring your neighbourhood for alternative options? You do not have to go atas (fancy)! There are surprisingly palatable options at the nearby hawker centre and occasional pasar malam (night market). Or you can just simply whip up a satisfying meal at home by including some locally available protein sources. You get to indulge in local favourites while getting the necessary protein for your post run-recovery. Plus, you save on cost as these sources do not rely heavily on whey. Not a bad deal!


So how much protein should you aim to eat each day? It really depends on your size and level of activity. The Mayo Clinic suggests 20 per cent of your daily calories should come from protein. Well, if you are training for a marathon, your protein needs will need to be increased by about five per cent per day.  If that seems like heaps of protein, fret not! I have chronicled a selection of different local bites that you can select from. Well, on top of these delights, you should seriously consider experimenting with your protein sources and opt for some that never mooed, clucked or snorted. From nuts and yoghurt, to vegetables, beans, and grains, many foods have a bit of protein, and these sources can really add up throughout the day.


In fact, varying your protein sources will fuel your body with a wider range of necessary nutrients. At the same time, you are injecting life into a diet that is probably becoming stale. No, you do really want to put away that grilled chicken salad.



Figures highlighted in red = consume with caution

Figures highlighted in green = a bonus benefit




Text: Clement Gan


This article was originally published in RUN Singapore. Besides the print edition published bimonthly, selected stories can also be found online at 


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