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The Road to Recovery
Posted date: 04-Apr-2017

For former national athlete Looi Yuan Hui, his decision to become a rehab sports trainer to empower others to push themselves in their fitness journey was reinforced as he undergoes his own rehabilitation to recover from a wrestling accident.



Since picking up the sports of wrestling in 2012, Looi rose quickly through the ranks to be crowned Singapore’s top wrestler of his weight category, his success story of a meteoric rise and podium finishes in various international competitions representing the country was a source of pride and passion. Thus, the freak training accident that left his right knee severely damaged took its hit hard on him as he fell from the peak of his athletic career.



As Looi currently undergoes his year-long rehabilitation, his personal experiences and challenges gave him new perspectives.



He shared, “The physical pain was the easy part… It was the mental distraught of being robbed of the freedom to be mobile and have troubles with even the simplest of task such as pouring yourself a drink.”



Rehabilitation has taught him patience and he has since learnt the important lesson of listening to his body and give himself a break when needed.



He found renewed fervor in his work as a sports trainer as he believed that everyone should be able to participate in some form of sports or games despite limitations of their body. This is one of the reasons why Looi took pride in planning and conducting functional trainings at U Sports Keep Fit sessions.



As an introvert, becoming a trainer has forced him out of his comfort zone to meet people from different walks of life and he is all the more thankful for it.



He shared, “Some of the optimism from my clients rubbed off on me as they recovery from their injuries and it definitely spur me on to be back on the mats in the near future.”



Although Looi has since placed his competitive dreams behind him, he still hopes to return to the sport and wrestle recreationally. Despite his injuries, his passion for the sport remains strong and he found ways to contribute back to the sport. He recently underwent certification and became Singapore’s very first international wrestling official – a feat of on its own. He will be his embarking on his first overseas assignment as an official refereeing the Southeast Asia Junior Championships in Thailand this April.


Looi looks forward to conduct the U Sports Keep Fit sessions progressively and glad to have the platform to strengthen his rehabilitation techniques.


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Looi leading the U Sports Keep fit in their warm up!                         Looi officiating a wrestling tournament