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U Cycling Team @ OCBC Cycle
Posted date: 03-Sep-2015

On Sunday, the U Cycling team sent 7 U CHAMPs Lead Cyclists to debut in the OCBC Cycle 2015, the largest cycling event in Singapore. Even though the event was non-competitive in nature, our cyclists took the opportunity to put their technical skills into practice at a race-like event, aided by their newly sponsored Vertix communication devices.



The team gained valuable race knowledge and leadership confidence through this event and are looking forward to share their experience through the regular U Cycling sessions and plan for similar events!


We sat down with our pioneer lead cyclist, Jasper Guo and our youngest team member, Jared Wong, to share their journey with the U Cycling team thus far:


1. Describe your experience at OCBC Cycle this year.

Jasper: It’s a very good workout – Shiok! The last OCBC was very different, it was as though I rode alone. This time I can feel the camaraderie as we looked out for each other! It feels great to ride with the team with a collective identity amongst the mass of cyclists. This truly feels like family!


Jared: This is my first time joining in OCBC Cycle. I’m very impressed by how the event organized, too bad there are no prizes*. The route is quite easy and relaxed compared to the trainings with the U Cycling team.


*Sidenote – Jared was limited to participate in the Straits Times Ride category due to his young age at 14. He finished the ride with one of the fastest timings in the category.




2. How did you start out with the U Sports U Cycling team?

Jasper: I was from NTU Cycling Club and we collaborated with U Sports in a night cycling event about 2 years ago. My club back then was involved as the safety cyclists and to lead the participants and we took off from there.


Jared: I started  road cycling about a year ago, and I was looking for a cycling team so I googled on the internet and found the U Cycling team.



3. How has joining the U Cycling team developed your passion in cycling?

Jasper: When I started cycling I was clueless, so I know how it feels. It’s really fulfilling, to help these people to start out and see the team grow with each session. Also, holding a full time job makes it a real challenge to keep fit, thus the getting myself involved with the team pretty much kept me in tip top condition.


Jared: I’m one of those clueless ones that started out about 7 months ago. As the time progresses, I got to know them more and the company makes cycling fun!



3. What do you do in the U Cycling Team?

Jasper: It’s my routine is to do the briefing at the start of the ride. I like to help newcomers break the ice and introduce them to the big family. We get to don the same cool jersey (one of my favorite perks, by the way) and feel that sense of identity to be seen as family. I contribute in overall feedback, training, safety – in whatever way I can. Ultimately, my priority is bonding and communication is the key element.




Jasper Guo – U Cycling Team Convenor



4. How did your love for cycling begin?

Jasper: In primary school, I saw cycling as a mean of escapade, the freedom it gives is second to none.


Jared: When I was 11 or 12, I saw the Grand Tour races on YouTube and I got inspired to pick up the sport. I’ve looked up to Chris Froome (Tour De France winner) since – it’s the first time that a rider from Great Britain won Tour De France twice!


Jared Wong, our youngest member @ age 14


5. What are some of the misconceptions about cycling?

Jasper: Many think a lot of cash is needed to start, that you need to be really fast to join in, and that cycling is an extreme sport – all of that isn’t true. You can start with a basic bicycle and simple set up, the rest of it is developed by passion and you’ll get faster as you improve.


6. Describe any challenges/fears that you faced and how you overcame them.

Jasper: Leading is still very new to me and I do feel a little apprehensive at times. But the members places a high level of trust in me and they respect me – this helped boost my confidence greatly and gives me the motivation to overcome my own fears.


Jared: When I started with the team, I wasn’t used to the ones around me and I will stay at the back of the pack. But being with the team kind of opened me up and helped me be more confident both as a person and on the road as a cyclist.


7. Jared, how do you feel being the youngest cyclist in the team?

Jared: I feel a sense of pride. It’s really nice to be the young one riding amongst a group of 20s to 50s year old. You feel well taken care of. At the same time, I get to draw experience from the other riders. It’s best to start young!


Cycling, indeed, is a sport where you ride to bond! If you’re an avid cyclist and would like to join our U Cycling Team, visit or join our U Cycling Facebook group to receive invites to our weekly sessions.