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What you need to know about COVID-19 and how it’s affecting sports activities
Posted date: 30-Mar-2020

Taking part in daily sports-related activities has become a “norm” for us, so what measures have been put in place and what can, or can’t you do?


Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Recently, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has put up new safety measures that we should all abide by. Like social distancing where we must maintain a 1 metre distance everywhere. But what about sports activities and going to the gym?


Currently Singapore has a total of 844 cases with 19 of those in serious/critical condition and 629 cases that are still active. So, the Singapore Government is doing whatever it can to prevent further spread.


For your safety and the safety of others, we collated information on what activities you can do and what you need to avoid:



1. What is being suspended?


Photo by Rachel on Unsplash

All tournaments, competitions and leagues along with children/youth activities in Primary/Secondary Schools, JCs, Polytechnics and ITEs will be suspended until 30th April 2020.


Should there be any gatherings or activities, the number of people must be kept to a maximum of 10 people. In gyms, swimming pools, indoor sports hall and stadiums, only one person per 16 square metres of the space is allowed.


2. Additional measures in facilities


Photo by Mark Bertulfo on Unsplash

In gyms, after using the equipment, you are required to wipe them down. There should be a space set between equipment’s so that social distancing can be practiced as well!


Indoor sports halls have to be well ventilated with not more than 10 people in the vicinities and a 1 metre distance has to be practiced as well. The same goes for stadiums and swimming pools.


The People’s Association will also be cancelling all sports and games and any birthdays or celebrations that have been booked have to be deferred.


3. How can you play your part as a Singaporean?


It might seem like a hassle to follow safe distancing measures but, remember that the faster we all come together to play our part, the faster we can overcome this pandemic.


Avoid going out in groups of 10 or more, so the spread of the virus is limited!


If there is no necessity to travel outside, stay at home and away from crowded places.


Remember to wash your hands with soap regularly when you can or carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you when you head out!
If you are feeling unwell, see a doctor and stay at home. Remember, do not doctor hop!


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