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My Cycling Kaki aims to build cycling camaderie by gathering of like minded cyclists regardless of age, ethnicities and professions, all of whom share a common love for cycling!

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Cycling Workshops

My Cycling Kaki members will have the opportunity to learn more about basic bicycle maintenance as well as the fundamentals of safe cycling! Stay tuned for further details and other upcoming events!

Bicycle Repair Workshop
Cycling Workshop

Overseas Cycling Trips

This special itinerary is tailored-made to a more leisurely 4 cycle-days with daily cycling distance kept to within 60km, suitable for everyone & any bikes (including foldies).

Cycle around Jeju on the Fantasy bike path alongside scenic coastal views, IG-worthy quaint cafes, delectable local cuisine such as abalone porridge, black pig BBQ, traditional Korean meals, cutlass fish & many more food awaits!

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This Bikepacking Tour to Korea’s 4 Rivers Cross Country Cycling Road (or 4 Rivers Bike Path or Trail) is the most famous cycle route that stretches from Incheon in the north-west corner of South Korea, down to the beautiful coastal city of Busan in the south-east corner spanning more than 600 km. This cycling route is voted as one of the best bike paths in the world with a dedicated cycling path made just for bikes!

Our cycling tour from Seoul to Busan follows these connected cycling paths known as the Ara, Hangang, SaeJae, and Nakdonggang bike pathways, tracing the country’s 4 major rivers: Han, Nakdong, Geum & Yeongsan Rivers, with additional routes along the coasts. Ranging from easy to challenging trails, this world-class cycle lane offers breathtaking views of mountains, rivers, farmlands, and many magnificent weirs, bridges, and parks.

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Seoul to Busan