Our Sports Leaders

U CHAMPs are sports leaders within the Labour Movement (LM) who embody and display values of a GREAT CHAMP:

  • Good Character
  • Righteous Heart
  • Enthusiastic Attitude
  • Affectious Motivation
  • True Passion

They contribute to the sports scene through coaching, leading sports activities and leadership within their sports interest groups.



Chiam Yew Koon

It has been an honor to be nominated as a member of the group of sports leaders called U CHAMPs and thank you for the amazing support you have provided into different sport interest which we, sportspeople need a lot.



Despite starting out with a commuting bicycle, Chawaree grew leaps and bounds through the weekly training sessions and has since moved up the ranks from being a sweeper to being one of the faster riders within the group.


Desmond Koh

Many think that dragon boating is only for the strongest and fittest. But there’s also the mental aspect of ‘Mind over Body’. The sport emphasizes highly on commitment, team spirit and words of encouragement from fellow…


Felicia Lim

Picking up and falling in love with the sport of Floorball when she was in secondary school, Floorball U CHAMP Felicia Lim’s passion for the sport fueled her to realize her dreams.

Woo Ka Foong


Royston Jalleh

Born into a family of runners, Royston is pretty much a natural athlete with a great track record, literally. His father was an avid runner and his brother, Godfrey, is once a renowned national runner back in the 1970s.

William Leow & Julie Yeo

William Leow, 61, and his wife, Ms Julie Yeo, have been participating and promoting golf events organized by U Sports for the past 5 years.


Frankie Yang

Tease him all you may, Running U CHAMP Frankie Yang takes pride in his sturdy ‘Frog legs’. After all, they took him over hills and mountains, through even in the most adverse conditions as he compete in ultramarathons…

Jonathan Suerte

I’m glad to have the chance to be part of this warm and unintimidating running family. U Sports has made me embrace a healthy yet truly exciting lifestyle and gave me greater meaning to running though this prominent role as captain!

Law Wai Thing

As a full-time working mother of two young children, busy work schedule and the duties of looking after the family took priority over sports and personal fitness for Wai Thing.




3-on-3 Floorball

3-on-3 Floorball

Organized by the sports leaders from Team U Sports Liitto Floorball Club, the event aimed to bring together the floorball community and increase awareness of the sport among the general public.

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